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Аппарат стационарный пены, средней кратности CO-II Ст 1 modification


The fixed foam apparatus is a standby unit to extinguish local set of fires in vessels. The apparatus is a fire-extinguisher, producing and discharging foam, covering set of fire. The stopping of air access secures the elimination of fire.

Length of rubber hose

15 m

Air pressure in the tank

25-30 kg-f/cm²

1 modification (Click on row to compare)
Width,mm Н,mm L,mm Weight without charge, kg Weight with charge, kg Pressure in the tank under the apparatus operation, kg-f/cm² Charge capacity, l Air cylinder capacity, l Foam capacity under the full actuation of the charge, l Period of the foam outflow
670 1935 1065 505 641,0 10,0 136 130 max. 5 min

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