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Wave-resistant submersible cage, VSU 1 modification


industrial year-round rearing of verious fish species in offshore zones of large ponds, seas and oceans.

Scope of supply:

painted or galvanized framework to install a feed distributor; inside the unit there are a net chamber, automation system, securing the feed delivery and control the growing process.

Fish to be grown

salmon, trout, sturgeon, etc.

Normal displacement

18,97 t

Capacity of net chamber

1200-2000 m³

Feed weight in the distributor

up to 2,3 t

1 modification (Click on row to compare)
Life time Overall height (together with a net chamber) Diameter (along axes) Depth at the installation site Distance from the coast Positioning range in the water column VSU at the surface position, extreme waves VSU at the underwater position, extreme waves Min.draight (when launching) Max.draught (with a net chamber capacity being 2000 m³) Self-contained operation (feed) Commercial output
25 years 12,1 m ( with a net chamber capacity being 2000 m³) 20 m up to 50 m up to 10 miles 5-40 m 6 points 8-9 points 0,8 m 8,6 m 7-30 days 35-80 t/cycle

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