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Marine armature

Deck plates

Deck plates

Pressure: 2,5, 6, 10, 100 kg-f/cm²;
Conducting medium: sea water, fresh and drinking water, oil, oil products, foam former, extinguisher BF-2, C2F4Br2 (Freon 114B-2).;
The material: carbon steel, noncorrosive steel, brass, aluminium alloy, special-purpose alloy.;
Flanges: under GOST 1536-76;
Run-down boxes

Run-down boxes

Pressure: 0,63 MPa (6,3 kg-f/cm²) under GOST 356-80.;
The conducting medium: sea water, fresh water, oil, condensate.;
The material: steel, Cu-Ni alloy.;
Connecting dimensions of fittings: under GOST 2822-78.;
Specifications on production and delivery: unde GOST 5.5536-83;
Automatic closing of air pipes

Automatic closing of air pipes

The conducting medium: water, oil, fuel;
The material: steel, light alloy, low-magnetic steel;

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