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Separation unit BS 1,0/1,1-5 1 modification


Separation units are intended to be installed as a unit for the diesel fuel purification in diesel fuel delivery systems on ships and vessels. Filters are intended for the purification from free water and water emulsions, mechanical impurities and biofouling at the cw mode.

Degree of filtration at the nominal capacity, mcm

5,0 (under the degree of filtration being 85÷97%)

Max.permissible pressure drop under the filter clogging at the nominal capacity

0,1 (1,0) MPa (kg-f/cm²)


diesel fuel under GOST 305-82

1 modification (Click on row to compare)
DN,mm PN, kg-f/cm² Width,mm Н,mm L,mm Weight, kg Nominal capacity, m³/h Purification rate from water at the nominal capacity, % (at the initia; water content being up to 3%) Max temperature of the product to be purified, °С, max Max ambient temperature, °С, max Power consumption, kW Kinematic viscosity of the diesel fuel to be purified under 40°С, cSt
20 4 505 900 655 70,0 1 water 40 50 1,1 2-4,5

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