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Oily water treatment unit УОНСВ 2 modifications

Meets the requirements of:

- Resolution IMO MEPC.107(49) - Guidance to prevent the pollution from ships, operating in sea and inland waterways of the RF (ref.doc.#2-020101-074) - Rules on the technical supervision under the production of materials and goods of the Register of Shipping and Type Test Certificate


- Continuous automatic operation - No flocculants and the other additives needed to remove oil products - Remote control - Designed and manufactured under ther import substitution program - Approval of the Military Representative Office of The RF Ministry of Defence

2 modifications (Click on row to compare)
Oil product in clean water, mg/l, max Mechanical impurities, g/l, max Surface-active substances, g/l, max Width,mm Н,mm L,mm Weight, kg Power consumption, kW Productivity, m³/h
5 (domestic waters) 1,7 0,5 1700 1600 1500 960 (dry, max) 8 0,5
5 (domestic waters) 1,7 0,5 1700 1660 1560 1100 (dry, max) 8 1

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