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Wastewater treatment unit, UOSV type 1 modification


The UOSV unit is intended to treat waste and domestic sewage under requirements of IMO.

Continuous automatic work.

Additional chemical agents are not required.

There are no foreign elements.

Corresponds to requirements of RF Maritime Register of Shipping and environmental standards of MEPC 227 (64).

Geometric mean 5-day BOD, max - 2 mg/l

Geometric mean COD, max - 125 mg/l

Worktime in automatic unattended mode, min - 24 h

1 modification (Click on row to compare)
Flow rate, max, m³/day Suspended material at the UOSV outlet, mg/l., max Outlet coliform index, max Outlet residual chlorine, mg/l., max Outlet index of pH drain Medium Width,mm Н,mm L,mm Weight, kg
2 - 50 35 0 0.5 6-8.5 Waste and domestic sewage 1000 1200 2570 420/500

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