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Water cleaning equipment

Wastewater treatment unit

Wastewater treatment unit

FUNCTION AND TECHNICAL DATA: Unit of UOSV type is intended to clean waste and domestic sewage.;
UOSV unit meets the requirements of:: - Appendix IV of International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, updated by the Protocol in 1978 (MARPOL73/78); - Resolution IМО МЕРС.159(55); - Guidance on the prevention the pollution from ships, operated in sea and inland waterways of the RF (regulatory document# 2-020101-074) - "Rules on the technical supervision under the production of materials and goods" of the Register of Shipping and Type Test Certificate; - Safety and Health Certificate of the RF. ;
Note - min permissible sea water salinity - 1%: Climatic category under GOST 15150: ОМ5;
Ballast water treatment system

Ballast water treatment system

FUNCTION AND TECHNICAL DATA: • The module consists of 2 units: filtration unit SOOB-F 250, designed by JSC Central Scientific and Research Institution o the Marine Engineering and produced by Vineta Ltd., and UV-treatment unit SOOB-UV 250, designed and produced by NPO ENT Ltd.;
SOOB-F 250 and SOOB-UV 250 are consecutively connected to the ballast water marine system.: • The ballast water treatment is carried out via the sea water fine filtration (up to 50 mcm) in SOOB-F 250 and UV-treatment in SOOB-UV 250 under the ballasting; UV-treatment in SOOB-UV 250 under the deballasting.;
• The module is equipped with the single control desk.: Q-ty of filters: 2;
Q-ty of UV lamps: 22: Periodicity of washing of SOOB-UV 250: after each ballasting/deballasting;

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