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Inertial separator 1 modification


The inertial separator is intended to purify air from mechanical impurities and water in combustion air intake system of ship (marine) gas-turbine engines and diesel engines. The separator represents simple and reliable structure of module type. It is base of a body out of light aluminium alloy with replaceble sections, made of composite, being mounted in it. The separator has two stages of the purification.

Outside air temperature range, °С

- 35 ... +50**

Relative humidity, under the temperature being +32°С,%



* the purification rate is 100%, under the air velocity decrease; ** Subject to availability of the efficient heating system of the air purification unit or heating of premises of the air purification unit within the temperature range being min + 5 °С

1 modification (Click on row to compare)
Air inlet velocity, m/sec Hydraulic resistance of one stage of the purification, Pa (mm w.g.) Hydraulic resistance of two stages of the purification, Pa (mm w.g.) Hydraulic resistance of filter-coalescer, Pa (mm w.g.) Specific flow capacity per unit area, m³/1m² per second Inlet content of water, sand, salt, g/kg, max Max permissible outlet air salinity, mg/kg Purification rate of air flow, %, min (under 2 stages of the purification) Particle inlet size, mcm, max Max local variation of the velocity field on the area, not exceeding 5% of section area of the air channel, %, max Number of purification stages (section to be installed pairwise), pcs. Weight of 1 m² of a section, kg, max
10 420 (42,8) 920 (93,8) 300 (30) 10 35 0,03 99,96* 3 10 2 25

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