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System for the purification and cooling of exhaust gas of heat engines 1 modification


The system for the purification and cooling of exhaust gas of turnine engines is intended for the proximity cooling and purification of exhaust gas from solid products of combustion and moisture to re-use the above-mentioned gas under its burning in anaerobic electric power installation in conventional submarines.

Gas approximate composition,%

- O₂: 25 - H₂O: 6 - CO₂: 69

1 modification (Click on row to compare)
System gas flow, kg/sec Gas inlet temperature, °C Gas outlet temperature, °C Gas working pressure, MPa (kg-f/cm²) Gas heat output, kW, max Nominal consumption of the electric pump, kg/sec (m³/h) Cooling medium Cooling medium inlet temperature, °C Width,mm Н,mm L,mm Weight, kg
0.5 от +200 до +400 +40 0.11 (1.1) 200 3.47 (12.5) 40 per cent solution of propylene glycol +5 890 1240 2385 1400

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