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oily bilge water treatment system VNS-2,5/1,4-0,75 1 modification


• two-phase purification. At the 1st stage, the oily bilge water is sucked into the vacuum chamber, where phase separation takes place. Then water enters the filter chamber and is purified from the residual mechanical impurities.

• The oil content in discharge water is constantly controlled by the automatic equipment with the help of the signaling indicator. Shall the contamination level be unacceptable, the flow is directed to the repeated purification.

• The vacuum chamber is equipped with the function of the hot water flushing to fully regenerate functionality of the filter element without the necessity to open the vacuum chamber.

1 modification (Click on row to compare)
Medium Width,mm Н,mm L,mm Weight, kg Working temperature,°С, max Current type Voltage, V Frequency, Hz Productivity, m³/h
Water with the fuel and lubrication materials impurities, water-fuel emulsion 750 1500 1580 310 from +5 up to +50 three-phase 400 50 2,5

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