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Automatic fuel filter, FA-25 type 1 modification


• two-phase cleaning: the medium enters the primary purification chamber (slotted filter). Then the medium is directed to the fine purification chamber (degree of filtration – 25 micron).

• there is a hot standby system. Shall the maximum pressure drop be achieved in any chamber, the dirty line is locked and the flow is directed to the filter standby line.

• each chamber is equipped with the automatic cleaning system.

• the fine filtration chamber is equipped with the reverse flow cleaning system as well as with the steam blowing function.

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Purge steam pressure, MPa Medium Width,mm Н,mm L,mm Weight, kg Degree of filtration, mc Working pressure, Mpa
0,5 diesel fuel, heavy oil from 50 cSt 560 910 945 125 25 0,4-1,0

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