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Production engeneering

The production engineering consists of several back-to-back processes:


The incoming control of materials and parts is primarily carried out. It stipulates for the following tests:

  • — Accompanying documentation, certifying the quality (certificate, passport);
  • — Marking and packing;
  • — Geometry;
  • — Surface;
  • — Specific features;
  • — Grade of material (chemical composition), mechanical properties, structure.

The QC department decides upon the readiness of the material (or parts) lot.


The premachining stage

The blanking is carried out for the following processing. The enterprise is equipped with MultiCam 3000 Plasma, plasma cutting machine to cut workpiece out of blackwork, with it thickness being up to 25 mm, aluminum up to 16 mm and stainless steel up to 12 mm.

High-precision cutting of complex parts at high velocity

MultiCam 4000 Series, water-jet cutting machine, cuts workpiece of practically any shape out of materials, with their thickness being from 0,5 up to 110 mm. The cutoff equipment cuts rolled metal, with its max. diameter being O300 mm.

The water-jet machine produces high-precision cut of metal and other materials without the edge roughness

DEKA, guillotine shears, is used to cut workpiece, with its max. thickness and width being 16 and 2,5 m respectively.


The machining stage

The enterprise disposes of the wide machine tool holding to carry out various operations, including turning machines to process details with their max. diameter, length and weight being 1600 mm, 3000 mm and up to 2,5 t respectively.

CNC machine carries out the profile milling of complex parts, drilling of tube plates with the 0,025 mm accuracy.
Challenger VMC1600F, CNC vertical machining center is intended for the heavy high-speed production of large-capacity parts.

Integrated processing of complex 3-D details

Knuth Compass 200/1000 B screw-cutting lathe with the digital indication carries out both inner and outer processing. In particular, the equipment makes it possible to turn details of various shapes (conical, formed, cylindrical), to bore, drill, ream, knurl, face, thread and so on.

Wide range of applications, high productivity, high-precision processing and securityей и надежность


The welding and assembly stage

Сварочный участок оснащен сварочными аппаратами ESAB Origo TA 24 ACDC, OZAS Faltig 400 ACDC.

The welding is carries out both with domestic and import materials.


The control and acceptance stage

The enterprise has the inspection bench to carry out hydraulic test with the pressure max. up to 400 kg.


The shipment

The transportation of details, workpiece and finished product is carried out by the lifting gear, with its carrying capacity being up to 10 tones.


Our enterprise closely cooperates with designers of ships, vessels and other watercrafts: Open JSC Severnoe PKB, Open JSC Zelenodolsk PKB, Open JSC TsKBMT Rubin, Open JSC nevskoe PKB, Open JSC SPMBM Malakhit, Open JSC Iceberg, Open JSC Almaz, Open JSC KB Vympel. These design organizations successfully use our developments and product in their projects.

We are constantly improving our production. Our machine tool population is increased by new equipment and machines. It allows to substantially turn up power and reduce the equipment production time, maintaining high quality of the products, released by Vineta Ltd..

The engineering know-how in solving various design and technological issues, actual scientific basis, qualified personnel and own production facilities makes it possible to insist that Vineta Ltd. has all the possibilities to provide its customers and partners with up-to-date solutions.


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