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Vineta Ltd. is founded on July 25th, 1996.
The concept to set up a submersible cage for the fish-rearing within off-shore zones, secured the background to launch an enterprise. At the time, there were only trial samples, with engineering constraints impeding their usage in the real sector.

Naval architects, including those to design the submarine technical equipment, and specialists in the aquaculture made up the majority of the staff.


It was decided to reorient the enterprise and produce marine armature, filters of various type, heat-exchangers, fuel-preparation equipment, coolers, etc.


Vineta Ltd. together with Open JSC TSKB MT RUBIN carried out the modernization of OKN-type heat pumps for submarines (877ЭКМ and 636 projects).


The development activity to manufacture a fuel final filter was carried out together with the Applied Research Academy, under requirements specifications of ALMAZ, Central Naval Engineering Department. The research and technical support was provided by the 1st Research and Development Establishment of the RF Ministry of Defense. Under results of measurements, the filter was accepted to the full scale production and recommended to be installed in ships instead of FNT filters, used before.


Vineta Ltd. designed and manufactured an air pre-heater for the shafting’ s line lubrication system for «50-letie Pobedi» atomic ice-breaker. It was the 1st case to use the lubrication system, utilizing hot air, in atomic ice-breakers.


As per decision of the management of the RF Ministry of defense for the order and purchase of ships, naval arms and marine equipment and the shipbuilding management of the Federal Industry agency#VNTA.002-07 dd. 20.07.07, Vineta Ltd. was defined as the headquarters plant to design and produce head-exchange equipment for the Russian ship-building industry.
— Development of surface fish-rearing cage PSU (various modifications).
— Development of Diesel fuel preparation unit UTDT, based on polymeric recovered filter elements.


- Development of Separation unit BS 3,0/2,2-5


- Development of hydrofors for the water-supply systems.
- Development of fixed foam apparatus, medium expansion factor (various modifications)
- Development of static diesel fuel separator SSAF-10
- Development of unit to clean liquid paraffin


Within the policy of import replacement under the request of Open JSC Admiralteyskie yards, Vineta Ltd. designed, produced and agreed condensate cooler KhV 2,5 with the RF Maritime Register of Shipping within 2 months. This cooler is installed instead of the analogue, produced by Aalborg Industries, on arctic ice-breaker Kirill Lavrov, project R-70046.

— The static diesel fuel separation unit BS 3,0/2,2-5, designed by Vineta Ltd., was awarded by the medal for the Best technical decision in the shipbuilding and marine equipment for civil purposes within the 1st international forum Marine Industry of Russia. At the time being, the separation unit BS 3,0/2,2-5 is installed and run on ships of the following projects 22350, 22460, 20380, 10410, 10412
— development of fresh water coolers
— development of hydrofors in the water-supply systems


- The enterprise had celebrated 15 years of successful work in the shipbuilding field.
- Development of the oil cooler MO (various modifications).
- Development of Separation unit BS 1,5/1,5-5


- Development of Separation units of explosion-proof version

- Development of Oil separation unit B3-V

- Development of Titanium heat-exchngers for deep-diving vehicles

- Development and delivery of Hydrofors for Fresh domestic water treatment and sprinkler system, electric water heater PE 500, hydrofor for fresh process water to supply living quarters platform for deposit named after V.Filanovskiy.

- Development and delivery of Oil coolers for Balakovskaya and Rostovskaya atomic power stations



- Unit to separate B-3V oil, BSP-02 type

- Oil coolers with flat tubes, MkHD type

- Water coolers with flat tubes, VkHD type

- The range of separation units is completed by BS-10/6,1-5 and BS-25/7,5-5, with their capacity being 10 and 25 m³ correspondingly

- The unit to purify oily water

- The marine surface net cage, MSNC

- Practically lost technological process to bead titanium tubes was fine-tuned on titanium heat-exchangers AT-6 and AT-17 for Open JSC TsS Zvyozdochka.


At the time being, the enterprise has been developing the following equipment:

- unit to purify the aviation fuel for ships, equipped with the helipad

- unit to purify oil, delivered to the turbine plant


- air purify unit (patent obtained 05.11.2015)

- Vineta Ltd. has developed a range of products, which had been produced by PAO Sevastopol morskoy zavod (Crimea, former - Ukrain)

- heat-exchangers made out of special alloys, as well as shell-and-tube heat-exchangers (formerly produced by PAO Sumskoe NPO named by Frunze (Ukrain))

- domestic wastewater treatment unit

- oily bilge water treatment unit


- seawater desalination unit

- development of seawater reverse osmosis desalination unit

- development of the production of units out of composite materials

2017 - development of an engineering sample of ballast water treatment unit
2018 - test of an engineering sample of ballast water treatment unit

People work
on factory

Customers of Vineta Ltd.

are the leading shipbuilding enterprises of Russia, including Open JSC Admiralteyskie verfi, Open JSC Sevmash, Open JSC Vostochnaya verf, etc.
Open JSC Baltiysky zavod, Open JSC SZ Severnaya verf, Open JSC Yantar, Open JSC Krasnoe Sormovo, Open JSC Ship-repair center Zvezdochka, Open JSC Zelenodolsk plant named after А.М.Gorky, Open JSC Amur shipbuilding, Open JSC SZ Krasnie barrikadi, Open JSC Sokolsk shipbuilding yard, Open JSC Oksk shipbuilding yard. Our enterprise has a close cooperation with designers of ships, vessels and water crafts: Open JSC Severnoe PKB, P[en JSC Zelenodolsk PKB, Open JSC TsKBMT Rubin, Open JSC Nevskoe PKB, Open JSC SPMBM Malakhit, Open JSC TsKB Aysberg, Open JSC TsMKB Almaz, Open JSC KB Vympel.

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